Empanada Express Grill offers Denver a taste of Venezuela

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Empanada 018-empanda-grill.jpg
Mark Manger
When I returned to the United States after a stint in South America, I feared I'd be unable to find empanadas, that nearly perfect food that stuffs pastry pockets with savory filling. My quest eventually took me to Empanada Express Grill, at 2600 East Street in Golden, where owner Isabel Campos proffers empanadas inspired by her home country of Venezuela.

Empanada 017-empanda-grill.jpg
Mark Manger
Siblings Isabel and Ramon Campos hail from Venezuela

Empanada 011-empanda-grill.jpg
Mark Manger
I found more than just empanadas at Empanada Express, though, including this platter full of Venezuelan classics.

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