Jeff Osaka's twelve lures patrons to the Ballpark neighborhood

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Mark Manger
On a block just beyond the revitalized stretches of downtown, twelve, at 2233 Larimer Street, is tucked amidst dilapidated storefronts.

Mark Manger
Chef Jeff Osaka

Twelve-dining room.jpg
Mark Manger
Two years ago, when chef Jeff Osaka gave up his chefs whites in Los Angeles to pursue restaurant ownership in Denver, he picked up this Ballpark neighborhood property on Craigslist.

Twelve-fish tails.jpg
Mark Manger
He wanted to give Denver a dining experience it had never seen before, executing a monthly menu that focused on hyper-seasonal offerings, showing that using produce at its peak means thinking beyond spring, summer, winter and fall.

Mark Manger
By the first time I walked through the door last spring, I was floating on the recommendations of dozens of friends in the industry. But the impression of the place I formed during that meal was grim enough to keep me away for months.

Location Info

Twelve Restaurant - CLOSED

2233 Larimer St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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