The Wynkoop will make a special beer in January to honor former owner and Governor-elect John Hickenlooper

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John Hickenlooper before he got all political (far left).
The Wynkoop Brewing Company, 1634 18th Street, plans to make a special beer in January to coincide with John Hickenlooper's inauguration as Colorado's governor.

Hickenlooper co-founded the Wynkoop in 1988 and ran it until he decided to run for Denver mayor in 2002. His connection with the company ended during his second term as Denver mayor, but he still shows up there for a beer sometimes.

Wynkoop spokesman Marty Jones says he doesn't know yet in what style the beer will be brewed. Perhaps an old favorite of Hick's, or maybe something with Colorado ingredients? Whatever it is, it had better provide jobs, or the populace might not drink it.

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Wynkoop Brewing Company

1634 18th St., Denver, CO

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