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Gypsy House Cafe, 1279 Marion Street.
Lori Midson's post on the Yelp review of Lou's -- written more than a month before Lou's scheduled opening -- prompted this comment from frequent critic Carly:

Westword's Cafe Society is on the cutting edge of BREAKING NEWS once again!!!

Because this blog is sorely in need of exciting content: a car drove into the Gypsy House this morning.

You're welcome.

We'd thank you for the tip, Carly, but as it turns out, one of our Westword contributors -- Ru Johnson, a regular on the Backbeat blog -- was already on the case, and snapped this photo right after a car crashed into Gypsy House, a popular Capitol Hill hangout.

Although the joint's windows are now covered with plywood, the coffee pot is still on.

You're welcome.

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Gypsy House Cafe

1279 Marion St., Denver, CO

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