Food porn from Michael Long's Aria, opening Thursday in Cherry Creek

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Lori Midson
Just got off the horn with Michael Long, exec chef and partner at Aria, Long's New American restaurant at 250 Josephine Street, and the news is good: After months of getting the dining room, kitchen and bar in tip-top shape, Aria will open tomorrow at 5 p.m.

"My stress level is a ten on the Richter Scale, but I'm ready," Long assures me, adding that his goal is to turn out irresistible, pure-pleasure dishes in a space that's a haven for the Cherry Creek crowds and everyone else who begged him to unleash a restaurant in Denver, eight years after he opened Opus in Littleton. "For years, I've been cooking in Littleton, and while we've had a lot of success there, everyone kept asking me to open a restaurant in Denver, so here we are," he says. "Here, I want to do artistic food, but not in a special-occasion setting, and ultimately, I just want to feed people and make them happy."

Long did exactly that last night, giving us a sneak peek into the culinary artistry he's orchestrating at Aria.

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250 Josephine St., Denver, CO

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