Behold: Food porn from John Hickenlooper's Inauguration party

Hick pig.jpg
Lori Midson
If it looks like a pig, talks like a pig and walks like a pig, then it must be Dan Maes.
Last night, John Hickenlooper, Denver's former mayor -- and now governor -- was surrounded by supporters hungry for change, which Hickenlooper vowed to deliver in a sixteen-minute speech earlier yesterday before the blow-out inauguration party at the Fillmore celebrating his rise to the top.

But Hick's proponents were hungry for something else, too -- namely barbecue (and all the requisite sides), which was provided in abundance by Occasions by Sandy, a local caterer that utilized a bumper crop of Colorado products to feed the mouths of the ravenous masses.

Herewith, what the new governor (and his adherents) feasted on at the Fillmore.

Hick appetizer platter.jpg
Lori Midson
Rocky Mountain appetizer display: Black bean hummus, ginger butternut squash puree and Aztec salsa -- or Dick Lamm, Roy Romer and Bill Owens, all former Colorado governors who were in attendance at last night's party -- as was Bill Ritter.

Hick empanadas.jpg
Lori Midson
Beef short rib empanadas that flew off the trays faster than John Hickenlooper talks -- which is fast, very fast.

Hick BBQ sauces.jpg
Lori Midson
Chipotle and Caramelized Onion barbecue sauces, made locally in Cripple Creek by John Lynch, the chef of Cripple Creek Barbecue, whose "little company with a big conscience" bottles all-natural sauces with no high-fructose corn syrup, the liquid that makes up the majority of Tom Tancredo's brain.

Hick maple roasted potato salad.jpg
Lori Midson
Maple-roasted sweet potato salad that was sweet, but not as sweet as Hick's speech.

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Great to see the picture and mention of Cripple Creek BBQ - we were so proud to be there. However, we are not located in Cripple Creek. We actually are a small company out of Superior, CO. :)


More than happy to see all the Colorado sourced products. Food looks great too.

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