Man shows his meat to Burger King staffer

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richard troupe mug shot.JPG
Richard Troupe, home of the whopper?
Michael Roberts has the scoop on Richard Troupe, the Longmont man charged with dropping trou at a Longmont Burger King and asking a staffer to hold his "whopper."

But Longmont Police spokesman Jeff Satur isn't laughing, and neither is the young woman who turned down Troupe's offer.

"There's been some humor in some of the comments I've seen about this," Longmont Police spokesman Jeff Satur told Roberts, "but this was a very serious event for the young lady who had to witness it. She was very scared, very concerned for her safety."

Interestingly, Troupe had parked in the lot of a nearby Applebee's, but decided to make his play at Burger King. Last fall, he was banned from Oskar Blues for slapping a server on the butt.

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So now we get stories of perverts in Burger King, while Cafe Society - purveyor of everything street is completely ignoring the news regarding the cupcake truck. EVERY other news source in this city has had a say, you would think WW and Cafe Society would have a thought....too busy laughing at elementary jokes I suppose…

Jennifer Wohletz
Jennifer Wohletz

If that had been me, I would have told him we don't serve cocktail weenies, hosed him with mustard and THEN called the cops. What an ass-farmer.

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