New Year's resolutions from Max MacKissock, Matt Selby, Mark DeNittis, Michael Long and twenty-one more Denver/Boulder chefs

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Lori Midson
Brad Rowell, chef at Colt & Gray, resolves to eat twenty percent less pork fat per day and replace that with twenty percent more Schlitz

Haven't made your New Year's resolutions yet? That makes two of us. But instead of focusing on ourselves, we prodded more than two dozen Denver/Boulder chefs to find out what they resolve to do in 2011.

Their answers ranged from the obvious (get in shape) to the romantic (spoiling a girl with food and drink).

Read on for the full list.

Max MacKissock, Squeaky Bean

I resolve to...get a real kitchen in the Squeaky Bean. It's been fun, but the butane and smoke are starting to get on top of me. I need to drop some pounds. This is my usual cycle: I'll be in good shape by May, and fat again by Thanksgiving. We want to build a green house behind the restaurant, too, and I want to make my restaurant better every day.

Matt Selby, Steuben's and Vesta Dipping Grill

I resolve to...learn how to make cheese and pasta by hand, provide more education and growth-based opportunities for my chefs and cooks, cook with -- and learn from -- talented Denver chefs, cook more often with my kids and become close personal friends with TroyTulowitzki.

Paul Reilly, Encore

I resolve to work less, and after seven years of living in Denver, I will finally eat at Sushi Den. I will eat lunch with Wade Kirwan more often, and I will look at reviews on Yelp less -- and sleep better because of it.

Lon Symensma, ChoLon Modern Asian Bistro

I resolve to...reach out to more local farmers and source high quality, local ingredients to highlight on the menu. Also, since I moved to Denver, I haven't had much time to enjoy Colorado, so another resolution is to take some time and explore my new home.

Jennifer Jasinski, Rioja, Euclid Hall and Bistro Vendome

I resolve to...I don't usually make any, because I feel it sets you up for failure when you have to make one, so I prefer to make resolutions at other times. That being said, I really want to loose twenty pounds; I want Rioja to get a James Beard award for Best Restaurant in the Southwest and I want Euclid hall to kick ass and get national publicity because I think the place is cool and Jorel is great. I really want to promote him

Aaron Youngblood, Dixons Downtown Grill

I resolve to...stop using my work out bench as a coat rack, treat myself to a vacation (if I have some time), spoil a lucky girl with food and drink, and to just relax more and enjoy life since I'm such a stress ball that doesn't stop to smell the roses.

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James Rugile
James Rugile

I resolve to ALSO have more lunches with Paul Reilly & Wade Kirwan!

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