Reader: Olivea starts the new year off right

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Olivea, site of good food and good deeds.

Denver's restaurateurs are an incredibly generous group, with chefs and owners alike stepping up to contribute to endless good causes throughout the year.

Olivea -- the eighteen-month-old restaurant owned by Keith Arnold and Stephanie Bonin (who're also responsible for duo) and chef John Broening and pastry goddess Yasmin Lozada-Hissom -- started 2011 off right, donating not just a New Year's Eve dinner, but also a bonus brunch to a family whose nine-year-old had beaten cancer in 2010.

And that prompted what could be the feel-good comment of all 2011, from Shane, Taylor and Michelle:

I just want to thank Stephanie and our amazing waiter Patrick for our wonderful brunch today. You all took care of us better then anyone could imagine. First time here and the food was amazing and I can't wait to try dinner there sometime.

Again thank you Lori, Stephanie and Patrick: You started out our year like we needed.

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Grandma "T"
Grandma "T"

I'm the Grandma to Taylor and I just want to say a big thank you to your restaurant for doing this for them. About the only time they've had together as a family has been in the hospital or running to appointments. This is a special treat for them to get to be out and act like a normal family again and enjoy the pleasure of a sit down meal instead of hospital food. Thank you so much for your generosity.


Alanis, if you only new the hell this family has dealt with over the last year, you would be so embarrassed that you would crawl in a hole and never come out.

To have a beautiful meal together as a family and just enjoy the moment is a beatiful thing.

Thanks to all the wonderful people at Olivea's.

Friend of the family. Denise


i don't know why you, alanis, would feel the need to comment on what was a great experience for this family. these parents are gracious, warm and loving people and their son is a brave, strong and delightful little man. we can only imagine what they have been through and for you to try to take anything away from their happy start to this new year is, in my humble opinion, tacky!


I don't understand why these parents would use their child's battle with cancer to get a free meal. Tacky.


I don't understand why Alanis would go to the great effort of flipping her keyboard over and putting it behind her so that she could type her comment with her head up her ass.

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