Roslyn Grill is closed...for remodeling?

This sign says Roslyn Grill is closed for remodeling
Roslyn Grill, the colorful dive at 504 East Colfax Avenue, wasn't open to see the new year start; by then a sign had been posted on the door, claiming that the bar is closed for remodeling.

There was never a Roslyn at the Roslyn Grill -- and not much of a grill, as Bill Gallo noted in his 2006 profile of the place. But the bar had enough spirit to survive a move from 14th Street (its original, silver-painted home is now the front yard of the Colorado Convention Center) to a new/old spot on East Colfax.

For almost two decades, at least. We're betting that once the "remodeling" is done, the Roslyn will be gone for good.

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