Taco Bell: "Thank you for suing us."

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This pissing match just keeps getting weirder. In light of lab tests alleging that Taco Bell's "meat" is actually only 36 percent meat, Louisiana-based law firm Beasley Allen filed suit against the Mexican fast food chain for false advertising. Angry and insistent that the claims are totally false, Taco Bell said it would take legal action against the law firm.

But now, the taco chain has taken it a step further: It bought full page ads in major papers across the country today, thanking Beasley Allen for suing, and giving the "truth about the seasoned beef."

According to those ads, the meat in the Taco Bell tacos is actually 88 percent beef (apologies to vegans, vegetarians and anyone else suggesting that Taco Bell add other ingredients to make up for the deficit), and twelve percent "secret recipe" -- i.e., seasoning. If that's true, it's still tricky, because the USDA definition of ground beef specifically states that it can't contain "added water, phosphates, binders, or extenders." And one of the ingredients in the meat filling is, most definitely, sodium phosphate, which is a common preservative. It'll be up to a court to decide whether the rest of the secret ingredients qualify as binders or extenders.

Still, it definitely sounds like Taco Bell has a case -- as long as it can get rid of the results of those pesky lab tests.

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Now if only the USDA will test the gross salsas at Tacos y Salsas!!


Hmm. Their beef is USDA inspected, but what grade has it been assigned? If it was a top grade, they'd say so, wouldn't they?

Also, there would be no problem if Taco Bell was calling their taco filling "taco filling" instead of "ground beef", right?

The Foodie Gossip
The Foodie Gossip

I’m so tired of people trying to sue fast food restaurants. When I order from a McDonalds or Taco Bell, I expect the food to be unhealthy and to not have 100% natural ingredients. That’s why they call it fast food. No one is forcing me to buy my meals from their establishment. It’s my choice - just like it is anybody else’s. http://foodiegossip.blogspot.c...

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