Ten Colorado beers to drink right now and ten more to look out for in the coming weeks

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Jonathan Shikes
Breckenridge Brewery has a bounty of bock.
Colorado craft brewers are off to a hoppy New Year in 2011 with many new beers on the shelves and the re-release of popular seasonals. In fact, the breweries are cranking out so much stuff, it's hard to keep track. So here's a list of beers you can drink right now and another roster of beers to watch for next week or in the coming weeks. Cheers!

Ten beers to drink right now:

1) Odell Avant Peche
A brilliant beer that somehow takes the crazy flavors of wild yeast and blends it perfectly with the rich sweetness of a porter. The peachiness is just barely noticeable, which is good.

2) Dry Dock Seven Seas
This beer is making a run for the title of best double IPA being brewed in Colorado right now. And Dry Dock has begun bottling it, along with Vanilla Porter and Hefeweizen, for liquor store distribution.

3) Breckenridge Brewery Pandora's Bock
This seasonal beer from Breckenridge Brewing will make you sigh with relief if you have #bigbeerfatigue. Dark in color and full of flavor, it has a light mouthfeel and lower alcohol content.

4) Great Divide Grand Cru
Rich and sweet, it's another delicious beer bomb from Great Divide. Ten ounces will probably do ya.

5) Breck 20
Only available on tap at Breckenridge's breweries, Twenty was made to celebrate Breck's twentieth anniversary last year, and it does the place proud.

6) Avery New World Porter
Haven't tried it, but I want to.

7) Twisted Pine Reilly's Oak Whiskey Red
Haven't tried it, but I've heard good things.

8) Funkwerks Saison
Citrusy sweet, but dry, this new Fort Collins brewery plans to brew only Belgian saisons, and it's off to a good start with this classic beer. At the moment, it's difficult to find, but it should be more widely distributed soon.

9) Hops & Pie PA
I haven't tried it, but I've heard good things about this house beer, brewed for the pizza joint by Strange Brewing and served two different ways.

10) Oskar Blues Deviant Dale's
Hoppy and bitter in a good way, Deviant Dale's is like the older, twisted brother of Dale's Pale Ale. Made with four kinds of hops and dry-hopped with a fifth, it went on tap yesterday and is available only at Old Chicago locations in Colorado -- at least for the next few weeks.

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Dam Brewery (Dillon) Yohan Bock - Dam Good!


"Haven't tried it, but I want to..."Haven't tried it, but I've heard good things..."

um... do your homework, then write the report. jeez


Avery Margarete. Sold only at the brewery and sold out in under an hour.

Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith

Skip Oak Whiskey Red. It tastes like oak...and nothing else.


Agree. who has "recommend" these beers then? the brewer? Why not just do a list of "Beers I Have Heard Might Be Good"

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