The trucks stop here: Read the draft of Denver's new food-truck policy

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Gourmet food trucks were the biggest trend of 2010. But by the end of last year, a few of these enterprises had run into roadblocks set up by the city's confusing rules and regulations; a couple of the trucks had ground to a halt entirely.

To untangle some of the bureaucratic red tape, the city has been drafting a new guide for Denverfood truck entrepreneurs; a city council committee will discuss this draft at 1:30 p.m. today. In the meantime, you can read it here:

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Its ok for the trucks to drive down neighborhoods but do they have to park at the residence in the neighborhood


Dear Denver: How about designating a few Food Truck spots in the downtown grid, allowing different Food Truck operators to apply on an impermanent, rotating basis. This could even be announced with street signage. This would liven up the downtown scene at lunch time and during evening events, would help commerce in Denver, and provides additional choice to downtown workers and inhabitants.


I think it is important to state that this is NOT a new guide. This is actually the collection of old laws pertaining to food trucks, as they stand now, dating back to the 90's. All of us food truck people in attendance had wanted clarification on these rules so this is, for the first time, the rules from all government departments regarding food trucks put together into one document. (The name 'draft' is somewhat misleading.) It was acknowledged at the meeting that some of these laws are obviously dated and need revision. My understanding is that this collection of old laws from all departments will give the council a starting point to begin that revision.

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