Reader: Kudos to Rachel Kesley, for creative vegetarian cooking.

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WaterCourse Foods is crunchy, and creative.
Lori Midson's Chef and Tell interview with Rachel Kesley of Watercourse Foods is already inspiring plenty of meaty comments, including this joke:

Q: What beverage goes best with a vegetarian meal?

A: Flat beer.

But the comment that really captures the spirit of Chef and Tell comes from Diner:

My respect goes out to Rachel. Well spoken, and not dogmatic. Sounds like she has a good outlook on life in general. I'm not vegetarian, but have eaten at WaterCourse a few times with friends, and enjoyed the food. It's tough to do vegetarian/vegan food creatively, without relying on vegetarian ethnic standbys.

Nice Chef and Tell, I've enjoyed reading them over the last few months. Been in Denver two years and Chef and Tell has given me a snapshot of several of the city's best chefs. Look forward to future posts.

Watch for more Chef and Tell from Rachel today on Cafe Society.

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