Where's the beef? Taco Bell sued for putting too little meat in its "meat"

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Where's the beef? Not in the Taco Bell tacos.

At least not according to Beasley Allen, an Alabama-based law firm that has filed a class-action lawsuit against Taco Bell for misleading advertising. Its beef is the beef, or lack thereof: Allegedly, the taco filling has only 36 percent animal protein. And that, the lawyers claim, is not enough to tout the filling as "meat."

The rules here are a little tricky. The U.S. Department of Agriculture defines beef as "flesh of cattle," which is what makes up the 36 percent meat content of the tacos. Beasley Allen is insisting that Taco Bell use the words "taco meat filling" instead -- but given that the USDA definition for "taco meat filling" stipulates it contain at least 40 percent meat, that descriptor doesn't actually fit, either.

So what's actually in the taco filling? Stuff like "Isolated Oat Product," anti-dusting agent, autolyzed yeast extract and sodium phosphate.

Those delicious-sounding ingredients haven't stopped Taco Bell from insisting that it serves "high quality Mexican food," and vowing to fight the lawsuit vigorously.

The law firm is seeking an immediate halt to the advertising and a corrective educational campaign. Which means that at some point in the near future, the chain might be serving "taco meat filling tacos." Somehow, that just doesn't have the same ring.

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KB Home Sucks
KB Home Sucks

TACO BELL and KB Home get less than you pay for? Melissa Lora is the currently a Board of Director for KB Home Inc and the Chief Financial Officer of TACO BELL. On Wikipedia Taco Bell’s bio has no mention of Lora who sits on KB Home Board of Directors? Clearly Melissa Lora does not want to be associated with one of the nation’s largest builders? Melissa Lora. CFO at Taco Bell Corp. Orange County, California

Melissa Lora does not have a biography on TACO BELL's Official Website? No one in management at TACO BELL has a bio on their website. Are they hiding? Another reputation issue since the food poisoning outbreak TACO BELL’s E. coli bacteria was famous for? In March 2005, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) won a landmark victory in its national boycott of Taco Bell for human rights. KB Home uses undocumented workers to build its homes? Taco Bell? A lawsuit filed in 2011 alleges that Taco Bell beef is comprised of less than 35% beef. We’ve seen the goop, it pours out of a bag like dried brown flour that coagulates into something that looks like ground beef when water is added.

Currently, Ms. Lora serves on the following boards:

* KB Home * Taco Bell, YUM Brands * Discovery Science Center

Other distinguished KB Home Board members include Melissa Lora's buddy Bruce Karatz who was just convicted as a felon and is currently under house arrest in his 24 room Bel-Air Mansion (not built by KB Home) serving out his 8 months home confinement for swindling 11 Million Dollars. Martha Stewart is a spokesperson for KB Home also served time for her former stock swindle. Gary A. Ray head of KB Home human resources is a convicted felon in this current stock swindle.

Melissa Lora and KB Home built this lemon with Bruce Karatz. KB Home is under a Federal Trade Commission Consent Order. KB Home must buy back your home if not 100% satisfied within the first year? Melissa Lora has never responded as KB Home Board of Directors to any customer complaint letter sent to him by certified mail. KB Home sells Lemons, Just Google Melissa Lora Sucks. http://www.akbhomesucks.com/Ex...

Seems the entire management of both KB Home and TACO BELL has an image problem? Not mentioning their Chief Financial Officer's proud accomplishments at KB Home. Where's the BEEF in my poorly constructed KB Home? Both are misleading the public and getting less than they paid for. The only difference is TACO BELL exits after 24 hours; KB Home continues to give you irritable bowel syndrome. Should I be thinking outside of my bun? Taco Bell is a part of Yum! Brands, Inc. (“Yum Brands”). Yum Brands includes: Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC U.S. Properties, Inc., Taco Bell Corp., Pizza Hut, Inc., Long John Silver’s, Inc., A&W Restaurants, Inc., WingStreet, LLC, and Yum Restaurants International, Inc. She has been a Director at KB Home since 04/2004. She serves on the Taco Bell National Purchasing Co-Op Board of Directors and is a Member of the Unified Foodservice Purchasing Co-Op as well as the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, California. Are they all ripping you off?

"Our government, through the USDA and FDA, provides definitions, standards and labeling guidelines for 'ground beef.' Just like the FTC is enforcing the 1979 FTC Consent order Against KB Home. Yeah Right!


Ah, well, just add a bunch of their awesome new sauce. Better than the 36% boogers you get from Tacos y Salsas.

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