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Mark Manger
I try to table all expectations when I first visit a restaurant. But sometimes, that's simply impossible. And when I decided to review Boulder's Flagstaff House -- a legendary romantic spot -- in anticipation of Valentine's Day, I suspected that I was in for some disappointment.

Would a forty-year-old restaurant that's been run by the same chef for 25 years feel tired? And with all the excellent restaurants that have opened along the Front Range over the past few years, could the Flagstaff House still compete at that price range?

Still, there was that priceless view. So I recently took the winding road up to the Flagstaff House for an early Valentine's Day dinner, and the twists and turns didn't end with the drive. After taking my seat at a window-side table and admiring the glittering lights of the town below, I proceeded to eat my way through Mark Monette's menu, pairing my plates with selections from the 20,000-bottle deep wine cellar (tracked on an iPad).

And at the end of a lavish, multi-coursed romantic dinner, was I ready to eat my words?

Find out tomorrow, when the review is posted here along with a slide show.

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Flagstaff House Restaurant

1138 Flagstaff Road, Boulder, CO

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The last time I made the "misteak" to visit the Flagstaff House the meals were microscopic and inversely priced with their size. Never again. There are better wine lists, better food, better views and better values elsewhere.

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