Food porn: Shots from real Southeast Asian markets

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Laura Shunk
When I ate at ChoLon Modern Asian Bistro for this week's Westword review, I was fascinated by how Lon Symensma and his partners, Jim and Alicia Deters, had reinterpreted the Southeast Asian market and turned it into a fine dining restaurant. And as I wrote the review, I referred frequently to the many photos I'd snapped of markets in Vietnam and Laos on a recent visit.

The markets in Asia have a frenetic energy, and they inspire all kinds of culinary experiences. Here are my favorite moments -- from the beautiful to the ugly, the delicious to the incredibly strange -- captured in the markets I visited on the Indochina peninsula.

market 2.JPG
Laura Shunk
Mekong fish on a roadside grill.

market 4.JPG
Laura Shunk
Sweet sticky rice in a bamboo stalk.

market 5.JPG
Laura Shunk
The noodle stand.

market 6.JPG
Laura Shunk
The pink, spiky fruit are the kiwi-like dragonfruit.

market 7.JPG
Laura Shunk
Breakfast buffet, market-style.

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Great pictures! Can't wait for Lon Symensma to reinterpret a fetal pig dish for a fine dining restaurant : )

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