Park Burger opens its Highland location

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Park Burger now open in Highland.
The growing Park Burger empire has now expanded into Highland. Jean-Phillipe Failyau, owner of Park & Co. and the original Park Burger at 1890 South Pearl Street, opened a new location at 2643 West 32nd Avenue on February 20.

"We've had a good response from the neighborhood," says Failyau. "It's kind of hard to open during Denver Restaurant Week because most people have their dining plans made, but it's gone well."

The new digs take over what was An's Lemongrass Grille. The dining room is serving the same menu as at the original, with an array of burgers, sides and milkshakes; the house cocktails are also the same, although Highland will feature different wine and beer lists.
"This neighborhood is very similar to our other location," says Failyau. "There's a lot of foot traffic and people who come in with their friends and families."

For more information, call 303-862-8461.

Park Burger 002.jpg
Park Burger's dining room.

Park Burger 006.jpg
A good spot for a burger and a beer.

Location Info

Park Burger

1890 S. Pearl St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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After having read the reviews of the original Park Burger, I was excited to try out the new Highland location. Unfortunately I was greatly disappointed. I could have done without the manufactured “Stepford Hipster” attitude of the staff. Their demeanor made me feel like a tourist in my own neighborhood. Am surprised that the folks in Platt Park would put up with such pretentiousness. I would have overlooked the attitude had the food been up to par. I ordered the Park Burger with Cheddar. It was served up promptly, but immediately noticed that the crust of the bun was fractured, much like several-day old rolls, with the same chewy texture. The quality of meat was average, and given the salt content, this menu item should be renamed the Salt Burger. I could name a lot better burgers in the Denver metro area: •Billy’s Inn•Bud’ Bar•Cherry Cricket•City Grille•Crane Hollow Café (Hygiene)•Mead Street Station•My Brother’s Bar•Smashburger•Turley’s (Boulder) The Park Burger was the worst burger I’ve ever had.


Under "Location Info," the map is showing the Pearl St. Park Burger and not the Highlands location...


we ate there yesterday and found the food and service to be excellent and equal to the original park burger. your negative comments are likely the result of the restuarant being so new.


I was trying to cut the staff some slack for the place being new, but how do you explain a partially cooked, extremely salty patty of average meat served on a stale bun? I stand my my critique. Worst burger I've ever had!


They are great.  Must have been growing pains at the new location.  Honestly, Park Burger crushes various other restaurants you mention.  No accounting for individual taste, however . . .


Been to that place a couple of times but at least 20 at the location in Platt Park - never been disappointed - best burger for me !

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