Reader: Why wine scores are like fast-forwarding porn

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Tart, pretentious, with a touch of bitterness. Comments have been pouring in regarding Laura Shunk's post about wine scores -- hooked to the Infinite Monkey Theorem's recent 88 from Wine Spectator. Comments about wine scores, about Colorado wines in general, about Infinite Monkey in particular, about Laura Shunk -- including one amazing post from a professional PR person that I wish I'd seen before I talked about "dos and don'ts" with a Public Relations Society of America group on Wednesday....

But first, this from Mo Smith:

My favorite quote on wine scores is from wine importer Terry Theise in a Grape Radio podcast interview: "People who are obsessed about, you know, wine in terms of the scores are the people who fast-forward their porn DVDs to get to the pop shot. Don't you fuckin' want to see what happens on the way?"

For the record, Infinite Monkey has scored high in Westword's own rating system, with the Best Wine List -- Selection award in the Best of Denver 2010 and the recent five reasons to love the Infinite Monkey by Swirl Girl.

Read the original posts, the comments, and then feel free to pour another round.

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