Reader: Hideaway Steakhouse stakes a claim in the northern suburbs

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Lori Midson
Hideaway Steakhouse is a suburban hideout.
Five restaurants debuted in as many days this week (and is that a record?): Russo's Kitchen + Tavern, TAG|Raw Bar, Row 14, Biker Jim's Gourmet Dog's and Hideaway Steakhouse. And while all of them are welcome additions to the Denver dining scene, Hideaway, which chef Chris Cina opened Wednesday in Westminster, may be the most needed.

Here's the word from SLC:

My husband and I, as well as most of our friends, are super excited about this restaurant. I expect this restaurant to get a lot of business because there are so few non-chain restaurants in the area, and nothing high end. People are dying for a restaurant like this to open and succeed. Hopefully the food and ambiance will be awesome and Northglenn, Thornton, Westminster residents will have a new favorite restaurant!!!

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Hideaway Steakhouse

2345 W. 112th Ave., Denver, CO

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good luck. even that far north, we are talking about aging areas. district 50 recently went down to one high school from two, and a large of students now come from low income. that area isn't exactly the the place to be be (or move).

smarter than none
smarter than none

Your a dumbass! You have no idea what your talking about! Please stay away we do not need your demographic here!!


check out online - when a restaurant has more than one Denver location the first comes to SE - Park Meadows or DTC area and the next to open is Westminster. The area is growing - particularly north and west of 125. When our jaded central and south denver friends make the trip north they are blown away by the housing stock, retail, dining and mountain views. Check it out!

Sgrafton3 have no idea what you are talking about. This is a growing market 40 blocks from the highschool you're talking. The demographics are very good. Don't put down an area unless you know it! By the way...the Hideaway Steakhouse is very good and packed.

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