Reader: Fresh noodles put me pasta point of no return

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After Laura Shunk received an e-mail from a national food pub working on a list of the best pastas around the country, she posted a piece spilling some of her own favorites, and asked readers for their own. And out poured some saucy suggestions -- Luca D'Italia, Rioja, Mizuna (fair warning: do not read them if you're hungry) -- as well as this from Claudia:

Love the homemade pasta and spaghetti sauce at Patsy's. I don't eat beef so I can't say for the meat sauce at Maggiano's but my boyfriend always orders a side. I like the Rigatoni D but really only dine at Maggiano's before or after a movie. I had a really good pasta dish at Noodles and Sauce over the holidays with homemade noodles and a sherry cream sauce but it was a special and not on the menu. I think homemade fresh noodles can really put a pasta dish over the top. Does anyone know of more restaurants that make their own noodles?

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strings has 5 house-made fresh pastas on the menu



patsy's is an absolute dump that serves some of the worst food i've literally ever eaten in my entire life. their noodles are clunky and obtrusive, not rustic or well made in the least.

and maggiano's, sweetheart?? great idea...laura can suggest a chain restaurant for her list of best pasta's in town. very credible.

poor, poor claudia.


I was responding to another reader that wished he could have Patsy's noodles and Maggiano's meat sauce as his favorite pasta. I did not recommend Maggiano's for the best pasta in town. If you had read the original post you would have figured that out. However I'm not going to judge if someone thinks Maggiano's is the best, I'm not a stuck up sarcastic jerk.

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