A few seats still available at Sunday's pop-up dinners with HUSH and James Mazzio

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If you don't have dinner plans on Sunday night, and want to experience a HUSH rush of dishes from James Mazzio, chef of Pickles Deli and Olive Oil, and a Food & Wine magazine Best New Chef star, plus lots of wines from the Infinite Monkey Theorem, then you should consider booking one of the few spots still available for the Sunday night "NOMAD" dinners, so named for where they roam.

The weekend dinners, of which there are four, are a collaboration between HUSH founder and restaurateur Phil Armstrong, (who's just partnered with Alex Schuler, the chef/owner of Arugula in Boulder, to open Tangerine, also in Boulder), and take place at an undisclosed "pop-up" location in Denver, which is revealed to those who've secured rezzies. The six-course dinner (you can choose from among two menus) is $90 per person, and while the Saturday seatings are sold out, spots still remain for the 5:30 and 8:30 time slots on Sunday.

You can peek at the menus, which look terrific, on the next page.

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I'm suddenly concerned. I haven't seen James at Pickle's Deli for quite some time. The whole tenor of the place changed. Did he move on?

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