Reader: Jason Sheehan should have fit right into smug Seattle

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South Park is no Seattle...or Philadelphia.
The news that Jason Sheehan is leaving the Pacific Northwest to return to the East Coast and a job at Philadelphia Magazine inspired numerous comments that indicated Sheehan may be long-gone as the Westword food critic, but will never be forgotten. And there was no love lost on either Philadelphia or Seattle.

For starters, Denverscener offered this:

Sheehan is just like Philly...irrelevant and shitty. Perfect Match.

Then there was this from GWTF:

LOL, the PNW is such a liberal cesspool (you'd think somebody from Westwword would fit right in!). They're all like in that South Park episode Smug Alert.

Is Sheehan jumping out of the frying pan right into the deep-fat fryer?

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Jason got beat down in Seattle. I really believe that the many Seattle Weekly reader rude comments, which never let up, are evidence of the depression and nastiness caused by living in a place with so much more rain than shine. Jason, hope the shines on you in Philly.


WTF?? It's GFTW!! But that's WW for 'ya!


Jason's a good guy. Best of luck to him.

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