Readers: If you're young, you can party downtown. And if you're older...?

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Hush founder Michael Olsen's attempt to get a liquor license for 250 Steele Street -- where he'd like to open a more adult version of Hush, geared to the Cherry Creek crowd, in the former home of Tambien -- has met with some opposition, leading to a many-hour-long hearing last Friday and comments such as this from JC:

I have no desire in seeing the downtown party crowd being enticed to a predominantly residential neighborhood.

Then again, there's plenty of demand for a dance club for older patrons. Witness this post from dennish:

Where in the metro area is a good bar with a danceable combo for people over 60? Or do we have to move to Manhattan??

Any ideas?

Look for a decision on Olsen's license application for 250 Steele in the next two weeks.

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250 Steele St., Denver, CO

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The problem to me is that older people in Denver don't party, regardless of the neighborhood. Plus, ALL one syllable nightclubs in Denver become inundated with 21 year old $25,000 per year millionaires from Aurora after the first 6 months of opening (i.e. Plush, the other one syllable subterranean nightclub that lasted for about 2 years in Cherry Creek).

Anyway, I wouldn't choose to invest in Hush, but maybe they can make it work? They'll just have to do something more outside the box than Plush.

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