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Interstate exterior.jpg
Mark Manger
At Interstate Kitchen & Bar, I ate my way through a board of American classics served up in digs reminiscent of a classic roadhouse. And just about everything I had -- from the macaroni and cheese to the fried chicken to the house-cured pickles -- was stellar.

Here's a side order of food porn to go with my Interstate review this week.

Interstate deviled eggs better.jpg
Mark Manger
Deviled eggs.

Interstate chicken livers.jpg
Mark Manger
Fried chicken livers with homemade hot sauce.

Interstate green beans.jpg
Mark Manger
This side of green beans comes with the fried chicken.

Interstate fried chicken better.jpg
Mark Manger
Fried chicken.

Interstate ribeye.jpg
Mark Manger
Seared ribeye, smothered in warm potato salad.

Interstate BLAT.jpg
Mark Manger

Interstate slushy machine.jpg
Mark Manger
The vodka slushy machine.

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Interstate Kitchen & Bar

1001 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO

Category: Music

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lovely decoration.


The only thing I've ever had that was bad there is the OX tail. May as well just serve up a bowl of FAT!

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