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Mark Manger
Over the course of my life in Denver, I've eaten a lot of mediocre Thai food, putting down bowls of curry and plates of pad Thai that were edible -- but forgettable -- up and down the Front Range.

But this winter, after I returned from Southeast Asia, where I'd eaten nothing that sank to the level of mediocre, I redoubled my efforts to find truly great Thai cuisine in Colorado, so I'd be ready when the inevitable cravings hit.

Eventually, that quest took me to Thai Flavor in Aurora.

The spot's not much to look at from the outside or even from within, but I'd heard rumors that the owner, Surin Thanon, a native of northern Thailand, had a kitchen that was more than capable. So I ate my way through her menu, sampling the curries, the stir-fried noodles and the same soups and salads that I'd gorged on during my trip.

How did Thai Flavor's food fare? Find out tomorrow when the review is posted here.

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Thai Flavor Restaurant

1014 S. Peoria St., Aurora, CO

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As a thai food junkie whose spent considerable time in Thailand, I've been to nearly every Thai joint in the metro area and Thai Flavor is my number one favorite. Their tom kha gai in the sterno-driven hot pot is spectacular. Their pad thai gai and red curry are two of my favorites as well.


When is WW gonna review the new Pacific Shrimp tacos and burritos at everybody's favorite restaurant, Taco Bell?? Oh they're so yummy yummy!! And they're 100% real shrimp. Well, I guess maybe 95% since they're also seasoned.


Nice to hear, I spent a few months in Thailand and am a search for the best larb (northern style with pork) and som tam.....have to make it over to Thai Flavor

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