Reader: Petty is as petty does when it comes to Cafe Society writers yelping about Yelp

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The crew at Euclid Hall: Does this look like a twenty-year-old restaurant to you?
Before the barrage begins over the Food & Drink picks in the Best of Denver 2011 (and our apologies to anyone who's been trying to post a comment after a Best of Denver pick -- we're working on a few glitches), we wanted to highlight one last comment from the most recent Yelp contretemps, this one by Doughboy -- who seems to think that our selection of an anti-Yelp comment yesterday reflects an anti-Yelp bias. Fact is, we're biased in favor of smart and funny comments -- whether or not we agree with them.

Witness this, one of several entertaining comments from Doughboy:

If you drew a Venn diagram of the universe of Yelp reviewers and the universe of Westword readers, I would have to believe that they're pretty co-extensive, so I find it incredible that Westword staff thinks it's a good idea to insult and mock Yelp reviewers. You just look petty and vindictive, especially since you seem to be rapidly losing readership to Yelp. Laura Skunk hasn't reviewed a restaurant that I've had any interest in reading about in the time that she has taken over from Jason Sheehan (Rodney's and Carmine's, really?!!! At least try to review something that has been open less than twenty years.)

For starters, Doughboy, how about Laura Shunk's review of Euclid Hall, our Best New Restaurant in the Best of Denver 2011...

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Touche. I guess it would be impolitic to point out the really timely reviews by Ms. Shunk of Flagstaff House and Barolo Grill. But enough sniping. I am an avid reader of Westword; I just really don't think Westword's defensive "We're professional food writers so Yelp is worthless tripe" argument holds any water. Westword doesn't have anywhere near the coverage of the Yelp reviewing community, so even if I accept the premise that Westword writes more informed and informative reviews, its staff still can't get to every little hole in the wall place in Aurora and South Federal that Yelpers do. Moreover, as researchers are learning and Wikipedia is proving every day, crowd-sourcing information from multiple points of view yields more accurate information than that of a single "expert." Particularly with a restaurant meal, aren't you better off with a dozen tasters with different palates going through multiple menu items than a single person with the stomach and wallet to eat her way through only so many meals a week?

I'm not "Yelp Elite" whatever that entitles one to, but I like to think that I write pretty thoughtful reviews. Judge for yourself: you can check them out under my handle Doug H. on Yelp.

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