A street sweeper almost wipes out Famous Dave's in Stapleton

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Hunter Stevens
Famous Dave's, before a street sweeper crashed into the bar.
April is the cruelest month, not the least because street sweepers take to the roads in Denver, leaving lots of tickets in their wake. And, in the case of the Famous Dave's at Stapleton, a fair amount of havoc: A privately owned street-sweeping vehicle ran into the barbecue restaurant early yesterday morning, taking out a wall and the bar.

Even so, employees were already at the location early this morning, hoping to get the place open in time for lunch today. To find out if they do, call 303-399-3100.

Find information on the other Famous Dave's locations here.

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Famous Dave's

7557 E. 36th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Famous Lauren
Famous Lauren

For the record...we opened on time and in time for many of our raving fans to enjoy our Que!

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