Boulder teens to lobby Congress to improve treatment of eating disorders

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BYBA students with Representative Patrick Kennedy.
Colorado has a reputation as one of the healthiest places in the country -- and in many regards, it is. But while this state's residents may be more successful than most at resisting over-consumption, that doesn't mean Coloradans are without food issues.

According to a 2007 Boulder County youth-risk behavior study, 49 percent of girls are engaging in unhealthy weight-control behavior and 19 percent of boys are doing the same. The survey also found that almost 7 percent of girls and 3 percent of boys in Boulder County have exhibited eating-disorder behavior. Averages for Colorado as a whole are similar.

So tomorrow, eight Boulder high school students will be in Washington, DC, to lobby in support of the Federal Response to Eliminate Eating Disorders (FREED) Act, which would provide better health-care treatment for those with eating disorders. For the full story, head to the Latest Word.

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How about the parents of these kids stepping up to the plate?Wherel are we that we have to send people to Washington in order to get the government to spend more money THEY DON'T HAVE to take care of something that a PARENT (look up the word) should be responsible for?Maybe they should trade government help with this "problem" for their voting card--they obviously have a "responsibility deficit"....

I'm so tired....


Wow, you must be tired! How else to explain your profound ignorance regarding eating disorders and their genesis.

Maybe this will help; http://www.eatingdisorderfound...

Well, I can't really blame you for that perspective since the Reagan Doctrine was implemented in the 1980's when it came to these types of mental health issues: "let them die." I still hold out hope that we've evolved since then.

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