Boulder's Tasterie Truck will debut this weekend

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Tasterie Truck
The Tasterie Truck revs up this weekend with Oh Henrys on board.
Three months after Shannon Aten moved back to Boulder to make her dream of owning a pastry truck a reality, she's ready to debut her wheels. The Tasterie Truck, which Aten and company have affectionately named "Madeline," is getting wrapped in shades of teal, purple and green today, and it will make its first appearance this Saturday at Prospect Newton in Longmont from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Aten landed formidable pastry talent Nathan Miller, formerly of head of pastries at The Kitchen, to construct the menu, and the pair has been testing out his recipes all over Boulder ever since. This Saturday, they'll be serving up whoopie pies, doughnut muffins, Oh Henrys (chocolate/peanut butter/Rice Krispies treats), gluten-free cupcakes and croissants. The croissants are particularly exciting, since it was Miller's recipe that earned The Kitchen the nod for Best Croissant in this year's Best of Denver.

"Normally, we'll do cupcakes, too," Aten explains. "But the Cupcake Truck will be there this weekend, so we're doing our other pastries instead." Eventually, bundt cakes and cotton candy will be rotated into the lineup, too.

"And we're serving Ozo coffee," Aten says, referring to the Boulder roaster that recently opened a second shop on the west end of Pearl Street.

After this Saturday's stop, Aten will post the schedule for where she'll be with Madeline on the Tasterie Truck website. At the outset, she notes, the truck will be stopping at "a lot of office parks.

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