Green Russell makes Travel + Leisure's list of America's best cocktail bars

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Green Russell
What are the best cocktail bars in America? Well, according to Travel + Leisure, Brooklyn's Clover Club, New Orleans's Cure ... and Denver's Green Russell, among a handful of others.

In celebration of the "golden age of cocktails" currently upon us, the magazine rounded up ten spots making a splash nationwide, calling attention to Frank Bonanno's subterranean Larimer Square joint for the hand-chipped ice and bartenders' knowledge of classic cocktails.

Special bonus points were given for the built-in greenhouse in a glass box where kumquats, basil and mint grow right behind the bar.

And while we're excited that the bar earned its rightful place among heavyweights in cities across the country, we're especially psyched that the author had confidence enough to recommend the place even though he probably never visited. Because if he had stopped by, he'd know that it's a swinging door in a dessert pie shop, not a pizza pie stand, that provides access to the cavernous space full of revelers and libations within.

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Green Russell

1422 Larimer St., Denver, CO

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Jacqueline Bonanno
Jacqueline Bonanno

Hi Laura, Thank you so much for noticing our little mention in Travel & Leisure! Just a minor correction--Wayne was indeed kind enough to visit Green Russell awhile back. He also stopped in to Lou's and Osteria Marco--which I think is where the confusion was. After a meal of great Osteria pizza, he headed to Green Russell. So no, it's not a pizza shop entrance, but yes--the good folks at Travel & Leisure came in for a peek!

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