Female beer experts rate 20 most eligible bachelors of craft beer, including several Coloradans

What started as girlish gossip between Ashley Routson, a California-based beer blogger better known as the Beer Wench, and Jess Hunter, a Denver Off the Wagon booze blogger and beer aficionado, quickly became a discussion among female beer geeks nationwide focused on answering this burning question: Who is the most eligible bachelor in all of craft beer?

That discussion, full of such weighty subjects as beard analysis, beer smarts and brettanomyces, gave way to a vote, with a top twenty -- and six Colorado residents made the cut.

To qualify, the men had to work for a craft brewery in some capacity and be devoid of a spouse (though other relationship statuses were accepted). Each dude who made that cut was evaluated for industry talent, personality and appearance, as scored by each participating woman in a democratic, blind vote.

So if you're a single lady in Colorado looking to land a craft-brewing professional as a mate, here's the list (and the Beer Wench's photos) of our homestate heroes:

chad ob.jpg
Chad Melis, the marketing director at Oskar Blues

Eric Salazar, a brewer at New Belgium Brewery


Colin Ferguson, a beer jockey at Great Divide


Jason Yester, president and brewmaster at Trinity Brewing

Adam Avery, founder and brewmaster at Avery Brewing Company


Joe Mohrfeld, a brewer at Odell Brewery

See the rest of the top twenty on Routson's website, Drink With The Wench.

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Tatiana Peavey
Tatiana Peavey

It was time consuming!!! Way to go though for awesome hot brew boys though!


Thank you so much for pimping out our project! I cannot begin to tell you how much fun it was, although very time consuming. And I didn't realize until now that CO boasts 6 of the winners... But then, it is beer country and the land of outdoor activities. So it makes sense!!


the wench

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