See how the other half lives at Pulcinella Pizzeria and Wine Bar and Vino & Vino

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The window into Vino & Vino from Pulcinella's dining room
Here's something we haven't seen before:Former employees of restaurateur Antonio Race are opening a wine shop called Vino & Vino -- and it's attached to Pulcinella Pizzeria and Wine Bar (read my recent Pulcinella review here) /a>, by punching through a wall, allowing direct interaction between the shoppers and diners.

The idea, explains Race, is to facilitate the flow of energy between both places, creating a communal vibe in the Cherry Hills Village strip mall that houses them. In addition to wines, which will be heaviest on Italian labels but inclusive of all regions, the shop plans to sell artisanal Italian products, including unique imported pastas.

Sadly, thanks to Colorado liquor laws, patrons won't be able to purchase wine from Vino & Vino to drink in Pulcinella -- but at least Race has a liquor license for that spot, featuring an entirely Italian list.

Race hopes the unique set-up will encourage people to check out both places, and return more frequently. "I had to really push for this," he explains. "But I think it will give the neighborhood something unique."

Vino Vino should open its doors in a few weeks, once it secures the final permits.

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Pino's Pizzeria & Wine Bar

1400 E. Hampton Ave., Englewood, CO

Category: Restaurant

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