Top five reasons why bacon will never be over

Behold the almighty turk-con.
2. Bacon pairs well with every other meat.

Bacon has the distinction of being the only meat that pairs with other meats and, far from detracting from the flavor, it enhances. You can wrap it around a turkey, a chicken, a steak, a sausage link or even another piece of bacon and it will meld with the host meat like a Neil Young song and a flannel shirt.

Bacon vag.jpg
it's a sure thing.
1. Bacon will get you laid.

It's true. Try stripping naked, holding a bacon sandwich in your hand, and approaching anyone with a heartbeat -- and they will immediately thank every god there is, and you'll be duh, winning like Charlie Sheen in the time it takes to spell n-i-t-r-a-t-e-s.

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This article is the reason bacon as a "thing" is over. Bacon as a breakfast item and sometimes cooking addition has always been there. Putting it on cupcakes has not. As for the salad thing, any protein will do, not just bacon. Put chicken or even steak on top and it's just as sufficient as bacon.


Primate or Primal thing?


Sure but what about Islam taking over the World. Will bacon survive this?

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