Reader: Vine Street Pub is no date place, since it doesn't take credit cards

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Vine Street doesn't let you pay for your beer with a credit card.
Our choice of the Vine Street Pub as one of Denver's Five Best Restaurants for a Blind Date, as well as its win as the Best Break-Up Restaurant, raised an eyebrow...or two...from Dan.

"Not exactly sure how a restaurant that only takes cash is good for either a Blind Date restaurant or a Break-Up Restaurant," he wrote, and then provided the following scenarios:

Dude on Blind Date: "So, yeah, and that's how she broke my heart last week. I thought we were going to get married..."

Chick on a Blind Date: "Wow...I see. And you want kids too huh? I just remembered I have this thing I need to go to. I'm sorry but I gotta run. Do you just want to split this?"

[She takes out a credit card]

DoBD: "Yeah, but they only take cash."

CoBD: "Shit, really? I didn't bring cash..."

DoBD: "It's ok. There's an ATM in the back of the restaurant."

CoBD: "Alright...I'll be right back."

And in another instance...
Dude: " I said. It's not's me."

Chick: [Sobbing]

Dude: "But we can still be friends! For real. You're one of my best friends and I don't want to ever lose that."

Chick: [More sobbing]

Dude: "Let's get out of here. I'll pick this one up."

[Takes out credit card, hands to waitress]

Waitress: "I'm sorry sir, but we only take cash."

Dude: "Seriously?"

Waitress: "Well there is an ATM in the back."

Dude: "Ok. Wait here, I'll be back in a minute."

Chick: [Still Sobbing]

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Vine Street Pub & (Brewery)

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i agree places should have a gigantic sign that states cash only. I am ok if i know it before hand. But it is a problem finding out when you go to pay the bill.


I don't know about the scenarios, but it is pretty annoying when places don't take credit cards especially if they don't properly post it. It's not very customer friendly when they expect customers to pay ridiculous fees to use their ATM machines when they don't want to pay the credit card fees.

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