Wine & Roses Jazz Supper Club opens in Aurora

When Patrick's Nite Club closed a few years ago, Aurora lost one of the only places in that town where you could hear live jazz. But with the opening of Wine & Roses Jazz Supper Club on April 8, that void is now filled. Wine & Roses promises to host performances Wednesdays through Saturdays, bringing in local contemporary jazz, R&B and blues acts; Dyan Logan, who is running the spot with her daughter, Roni, says they also plan to book nationally known musicians like Gerald Albright, Miki Howard and Paul Taylor.

They chose the location at 3995 North Lewiston partly because it's close to a number of hotels along East 40th Avenue between Chambers Road and Pena Boulevard, Dyan explains, and will allow them to cater to business travelers who'd like a comfortable place to hear music but still hold a conversation. When the Logans took over the space last May, it was just dirt floors and brick walls, and they had to basically build the 4,800-square-foot club from the ground up. "We didn't want it to be so big that you're really not part of it," Dyan says, "and we didn't want it to be too small, where you're bumping into each other."

But this place won't be all about music and conversation: The Logans envision a jazz supper club, with a Southern home-cooking menu that includes smothered pork chops, smothered chicken, spicy green beans and sweet fries. Although there are tables and booths where you can enjoy a meal, there are also comfortable couches if you want to settle in for the night. "If you're mad at your woman or she's mad at you, you can bring her here for dinner, have a drink, listen to some jazz, and before the evening is over, you've made up," Dyan suggests.

See for yourself when Wine & Roses celebrates its grand opening on Friday and Saturday, April 22 and 23.

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Wine and Roses Jazz Supper Club - CLOSED

3995 N. Lewiston St., Aurora, CO

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Green Valley Ranch Folks
Green Valley Ranch Folks

Whoa, Deezenut, are you sure we went to the same place??  My wife and I went last Saturday night and the food was fantastic and very reasonably priced.  The band, Gregory Goodloe and The Light Years Ahead Band, was New York City quality and every member of the family who owns the restaurant greeted us several times.  Even the cook volunteered a take-home clamshell when he saw we couldn't possibly eat all the food they brought.  We're definitely going back again soon.


Food is nasty, band was drunk, crowd rude, management is Obviously on something, whole place won't last cause it's a front. Not a true restaurant... Material. As for Decent ppl ...not going to find here!

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