Denver's ten best draft beer lists

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Lori Midson
5. Euclid Hall

Euclid Hall was envisioned as an upscale beer and sausage hall, and it features a massive list of ales and lagers to go with its heavy foodstuffs. Twelve of those are draft selections, which range from a Colorado-brewed kolsch to Boulevard Tank 7 to Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale. And there's always the rotating tap, which always features something fun, including one-off brews made just for Euclid Hall.

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4. Rackhouse Pub

It's craft alcohol all the way at Rackhouse Pub, which fronts Stranahan's distillery, and the place has put a lot of thought into what it features on its twenty taplines. Nineteen slots go to Colorado brews -- which gives drinkers an idea of the depth of the beer scene in the state -- and the remaining handle is devoted to a rotating out-of-state keg.

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Mark Manger
3. Freshcraft

Freshcraft nabbed our award for Best Bottle Beer List for its 100+ geek-tastic selections from across the country and around the world. But this spot also features twenty taps-worth of stuff on draft, too, and each handle goes to a highly sought cool keg. Bonus: tomorrow, in honor of American Craft Beer Week, Freshcraft is doing a tap takeover with Avery, featuring fifteen different selections from the Boulder-based brewery.

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Mark Manger
2. Hops and Pie

When Drew and Leah Watson opened Hops and Pie, they elevated the timeless combo of pizza and beer into something special. That's partially thanks to the couple's love of craft beer, which led them to install 22 taps that pour a rotating selection of craft brews. Plus, every first Friday, the eatery brings in a firkin, a small, cask-conditioned one-off. Cheers.

falling rock taps.jpg
1. Falling Rock Tap House

Falling Rock may very well be the epicenter of beer in a very beer-oriented state, a haven for beer geeks before beer geekiness was cool. But even as the craft beer taps have proliferated across our metro area, there's still no place with a set-up that rivals the 75 handles at the bar where it all began. Falling Rock pours quantity and quality; the house sometimes offers some of the rarest selections in existence, ones you'll never find elsewhere in the state. And so it's no surprise that Falling Rock won our Best Draft Beer List award in the Best of Denver 2011.

Honorable mentions go to Uptown Brothers Brewing, the Yard House, Mellow Mushroom and Cheba Hut for their massive lineups.

Know of more spots with good draft lists? Tell us about them in the comments.

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LuckyPie Pizza & Taphouse should be on this!!!


They don't turn over as often as the 6 lines at Star Bar, but last time I was in Colt & Gray they had Lost Abbey Carnevale and 2010 Angel's Share on draft with a couple of goodies sitting in the on-deck circle. 


Someone's probably going to smack me in the head, but I was surprised to find such a decent-to-great list at the Old Chicago chain. Granted I've only been to two of them (the one in LoDo and the one on Colorado), but it's a pretty decent lineup.


Royal Hilltop in Aurora is a great suburban find. American Craft beer, same owners as Cheeky Monk


Mathew and janvincent, Uptown Bros. was included in the list after the initial top 10. I might be inclined to agree with you both that maybe Uptown should be listed above any brewpub in town. After all, the majority of brewpubs here only offer their own beers. Even if they have a dozen of them, that's still all beers from one brewery. Vine St. and Bull & Bush usually have at least a couple of guest taps, but still not enough to be compared to places offer beers from many different breweries. The brewpubs mentioned here are arguably great at what they do, but I think they should have their own list. It's kind of like having a list of favorite apple varieties and then slipping a bartlett pear in there.


 The only problem with all these places is that they more or less have the same beers/ breweries on tap. Denver sure could use some more variety. Uptown brothers has to be on this list too.

Mathew Savage
Mathew Savage

 You guys totally missed Uptown Brothers - their tap list is my #1 in Denver - definitely above Wynkoop. 


more variety?? lol majority of these places have there tap handles on rotation and change every day or every couple days.  Be happy you live in a state that gets this many different breweries distribution, because we are really spoiled. 


We are in a way for sure... I'd just like some beers from other states than colorado, oregon and california for a change. 

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