Reader: Liks Ice Cream licks all the rest

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With ice cream weather finally on the horizon, Laura Shunk served up "Denver's Five Best Places for Ice Cream," including Sweet Action and Sweet Cow, winner of the Best Ice Cream in the Best of Denver 2011.

But her ice cream picks left Werdna cold:

You've got to be kidding me that Liks isn't on here.... Omitting Liks from even the "honorable mentions" completely invalidates this list for me.

Do you like Liks? Are you hot about any of Laura's other choices? Leave comments on your favorite ice cream spots below.

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Liks Ice Cream Parlor

2039 E. 13th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Sorry, I have to agree with Carly and k. Nelson.  Liks is a cute neighborhood shop and would be great if I were six (same with Bonnie Brae) but for great ice cream with quality ingredients, Sweet Action and Little Man run the roost.


Not a Liks fan.  If there's fruit in their ice cream, it's probably canned, even in the swing of peach season.  I once ordered "Key Lime" ice cream and it was dyed green without a hint of lime (key or otherwise).  If I wanted green vanilla ice cream, I would've just mixed green food coloring into vanilla ice cream at home and called it a day.


k. Nelson
k. Nelson

Liks is a cool neighborhood joint but I don't think it makes the top 5 list.


this appears to be more of a list of trendy ice cream shops rather than what's good. Since Red Trolley is no more, I'll have to say Sweet Action or Bonnie Brae wins the honor of best ice cream in Denver.


Little man buys ice cream bases.. if that is what you like, then ice cream parlor hats off to you!

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