Luciano's Pizza and Wings is closed

Luciano's is closed, with a lockout order on the front door.
Luciano's Pizza and Wings, a Buffalo-style joint that has attracted numerous fans over the years (including upstate New York native Jason Sheehan) and sparked some discussion after our recent "Denver's five best wings" list, is closed -- at least for now.

The "open" sign is off, and there's a lockout order on the front door of the space at 1043 Broadway.

luciano order.jpg
Luciano's lockout order.
Dated April 27, the form states that landlord Regas Christou, the nightclub kingpin who owns the Church, Vinyl, Funky Buddha and, right next door to Luciano's, Bar Standard, Mo's and the Living Room, may change the locks of the space.

Luciano's voice-mail message simply says the restaurant is closed for the weekend for remodeling, and asks that you "call back on Monday."

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They are now closed, AGAIN. And I agree Billgaper, as I worked for that fat p.o.s. as well!FUCK LUCIS!!!!


Ha ha- that fat little bastard Kriss Ferreri has been asking for this for years.  I'm glad he finally got his long deserved kick in the ass.  The guy really is a totally rotten little piece of shit, and I say that from having the pleasure to have worked for him..


LUCIANOS WILL BE OPEN FOR THE WEEKEND, SORRY If this has caused any inconvenience


LUCIANOS WILL BE OPEN FOR THE WEEKEND, SORRY If this has caused any inconvenience.

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