Reader: Citizens Against Virtually Everything in a dog fight with Brown Dog Pizza

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The fur's flying on Old South Gaylord Street, where Brown Dog Pizza, an outfit out of Telluride, wants to open a 100-seat restaurant -- with a liquor license and little parking. But then, many neighbors walk to this block, including Cafe Society editor Lori Midson, who's signed a petition in support of Brown Dog.

You can count Ernie as another supporter:

I'm from Telluride and have loved Brown Dog Pizza for years. I've lived in Bonnie Brae (right across from Wash Park) for the past two years and ride my bike over to Gaylord all the time. Brown Dog Pizza would be PERFECT for Gaylord and the Wash Park neighborhood. If you bought a house near Gaylord it's BECAUSE you have great access to these shops/restaurants in spite of the street parking stuff. Unfortunately, these HOA boards predominantly attract CAVE (citizens against virtually everything). Hopefully, the "real" voice of Wash Park residents will show up to support a vibrant new addition to their neighborhood!

With two weeks to go until the liquor license hearing, expect the dog fight to continue on Old South Gaylord.

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I Drink Alone
I Drink Alone

Now I feel bad.

I wrote the the post by this and started doubting my memory.  I had a Margarita.  I checked the Westword archives and they only go so far.  I Googled Patricia Calhoun and couldn't find when she started as Westword editor.  I'm not sure at all about my last sentence.  I apologize. It was mean and I retract it.

Patricia Calhoun is 99% saint.  I just can't see her letting entropy run its course and turn good Old South Gaylord into a party destination.

I Drink Alone
I Drink Alone

A "little" parking?  The undisputed figure is zero parking.

I wonder why Patricia Calhoun favors a sixth bar on Old South Gaylord Street.  Oh yeah, it's like when she had for years a "Best Graffiti" award in the Westword "Best of Denver" issue.



I started Westword in 1977 with two friends from college -- and it was born in a basement of the house we were renting at 924 South Gaylord. So I know the neighborhood very well. And although I have not taken a position on the Brown Dog's liquor-license application, I can tell you that what you have on Old South Gaylord now is a big improvement over what was there 34 years ago....

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