Reader: Tarbell's and the Oven were doomed at Streets at SouthGlenn

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The news that both Tarbell's and the Oven had closed at the Streets at SouthGlenn saddened fans in the southern suburbs, as well as the Cafe Society scribes who'd awarded Tarbell's the Best Burger award in the Best of Denver 2011.

But davebarnes has a different take:

Not sad. Overpriced.

Every one of the developers of these "streets" needs to (re-)read Jane Jacobs.
A [successful] neighborhood needs both Class A space AND Class D space.
Rents need to be affordable for a variety of businesses. Restaurateurs need to think long and hard about the numbers before diving into these ventures.

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The Streets at Southglenn

6991 S. Vine St., Centennial, CO

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I am not surprised. I ate at both of these and was not impressed.  Tarbells was over priced and nothing special for it. At the Oven I had one of the worst pizza experiences ever - well past their prime salad greens and expensive/average pizza.  Never returned to either place - not even a second thought to do so.

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