Sean Kelly is now in the Green Russell kitchen

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Who's behid the door of Wednesday's Pie? Sean Kelly.
When Laura Shunk recently visited Green Russell, our Best Contemporary Cocktail Bar in the Best of Denver 2011, she discovered that the subterreanean speakeasy not only has a new menu, but someone new in the kitchen, too: legendary local chef Sean Kelly.

Turns out that just-as-legendary restaurateur Frank Bonanno, who'd opened that stylish spot last fall, was frustrated with the early menu and wanted to move in a different direction. And Kelly, the man behind Aubergine, Clair de Lune and Somethin' Else, who'd most recently joined up with Larimer Associates to open LoHi SteakBar and Ernie's Bar & Pizza, had some time to take on a new project. So for the last three weeks, he's been helping redesign Green Russell's menu and bring consistency to a kitchen where Bonanno himself doesn't have time to cook every night.

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Green Russell

1422 Larimer St., Denver, CO

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Fitted kitchens

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Frank Kelly? Did Frank Bonanno and Sean Kelly merge into one :)


only in my early-morning brain. thanks for the wake-up call. I've fixed it.

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