Reader: Steve Ells goes for soul over cheese

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Steve Ells, founder of the homegrown Chipotle chain, will have a starring role as the University of Colorado commencement speaker on Friday -- just five days after he wrapped up his gig on America's Next Great Restaurant.

In the last episode of that series, Ells and his fellow judges chose Soul Daddy as the winning concept, putting Meltworks on the back burner. But then, grilled cheese hasn't been a big hit in Denver, as a few readers, including aceranchero, pointed out:

Good luck with that, Mr. Powell. The grilled cheese idea got tried and died here already (on E. 19th Ave.)

As for reviews of the show itself, Boostgear offered this:

I thought this show was very well done and I hoped to see them invest in all three ideas. Spice Coast and the Brooklyn Meatball Company all seemed like great ideas to me. Very interested to try Soul Daddy on my next visit to NYC or the Mall of America.

Anyone want to bet on whether Soul Daddy ever makes it to Denver?

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Chedd's was an absolute mess. The food was hit and miss and the staff was almost uniformly lousy. A grilled cheese concept done right could definitely be successful. Enormous menus with dozens of different cheeses and breads are a recipe for disaster anyway. Simple is better. Check out "The American" in San Francisco for a grilled cheese restaurant done perfectly.


Normally stoners in a sandwich shop don't bother me. But at Chedds they took it to a whole new, partially comatose, level. Do miss those sandwiches though.


Chedds failed not because it wasn't a great idea or sandwich, it failed because of every aspect outside of the food. Evidently to work at Chedss you had to be stoned off your ass the whole time, the workers were slow and often rude to customers. The restaurant only had 2 panini presses to cook on, so when they were busy it took way too long to get a sandwich. The creators had a great idea, they tried to expand there idea and lost focus of their store along the way. I

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