Travel + Leisure names Denver one of America's best burger cities

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Lori Midson
If you want pizza, your best bet is to head to Chicago or New York; for lobster, go to Boston (or better yet, Maine); Salmon or Pacific oysters swim best in Seattle; crab is best in San Francisco or Maryland; and a hankering for barbecue will take you to Kansas City, Memphis or the Carolinas.

And according to Travel + Leisure, if you're after a burger, there are few better places in the country to get one than right here in Denver.

The magazine just listed the best burger cities in the country, and Denver came in fourth, behind Houston, Salt Lake City and Providence -- but ahead of both Los Angeles, which boasts In-n-Out and Umami Burgers, and New York City, where Shake Shack reigns supreme. Evidence of our burger prowess: HBurger's Angus beef patty -- topped with Hatch green chiles and tomato jam -- as well as the classic cheeseburger at Bud's Bar in Sedalia, which has received numerous Westword Best of awards, including Best Burger in 2009.

We also weighed in on our own five favorite burgers in Denver after we gave Tarbell's the award for Best Burger in Best of Denver 2011.

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Mayor MacCheese
Mayor MacCheese

How many different version of the same thing do we need in this town?  I know.  How about another steakhouse too.


As mayor, you should really promote options and choice in your fair city. People from cities like NY and SF complain that Denver doesn't have enough good Chinese restaurants, but they are comparing Denver to cities with active China Towns. And what is a China Town but a bunch of places serving more-or-less the same food? How many bowls of cold sesame noodles or scallion pancakes does Manhattan need anyway? More burger places means more competition, which means better burgers. When you run for re-election, your campaign slogan should be "more of everything!"

Mayor MacCheese
Mayor MacCheese

Mantonat.  Thanks for your reply.  You always write well stated comments on this blog.. Mayor MacCheese does want more.  More variety, not more of the same thing. Why don't we open a Chinese burger joint together?

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