Update: This weekend's The Great Food Truck Race -- and our guess at which truck won't be feeding the masses in Denver

Can a vegan food truck win The Great Food Truck Race? Denverites will judge with their mouths this weekend

The big story on the streets of Denver is this weekend's The Great Food Truck Race, the Food Network hit of the season, hosted by Tyler Florence, that struts the street-food prowess of numerous gourmet food trucks, all of which are making their way across the American landscape, stopping in several cities, including Santa Monica, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City -- and, now, Denver -- to sell as much food as they can, however they can, all in a battle to be the last truck standing. The winner drives away with a hefty $100,000.

There's been a flurry of speculation over the past few days about which trucks will be hitting the Mile High pavement, where they'll be slinging their grub, and which local food trucks will be involved.

And while we've heard scandalous reports of locations changing on a whim and producers throwing roadblocks at every turn of the wheel, we rendezvoused with our spies and our sources and conducted a lot of investigative digging on our own, and here's what we've been able to glean so far:

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Lone Mountain Truck Leasing
Lone Mountain Truck Leasing

When you're on the forefront of a trend, doing what you love, it's pure joy. But suddenly you have fast food chains like Jack in the Box launching fleets of food trucks, diluting the spirit of the movement.


Oh noes, I hope Devilicious isn't cut from the competition 'cause I've had their devilishly delicious chow and man is it good! The lobster grilled cheese is something I dream about.


the great food truck race has come to denver and the 'cafe con leche' truck will be parked in front of cuba cuba from 12.30 pm today, saturday may 7th for a cuban carnival. cuba cuba is joining forces with the cuban truck & hosting a giant mojito party...

1173 delaware street

in the golden triangle

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