Wild Eggs pursues a liquor license

Lori Midson
Wild Eggs, a Louisville, Kentucky-based mini-chain, is taking over a section of the square footage at 300 East Alameda Avenue, a space that most recently housed a Blockbuster Video -- and it's applying for a liquor license, because it sucks to eat eggs Benny without backing it up with a Bloody Mary.

Wild Eggs's date with the Department of Excise and Licenses is set for 1:30 p.m. on May 25, and considering that Larkburger, which opened last month at the same address, in the other half of Blockbuster, got its liquor license without fanfare, it's a safe bet that Wild Eggs will get one, too.

Let's just hope that the dogfight brewing over whether Brown Dog gets its liquor license doesn't end in root beer and mock cocktails.

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this place will kill it, from the overrun from Lucille's alone.


So happy to see that little section of Alameda and Logan being occupied with some quality eateries. Larkburger is phenomenal, and I'm sure Wild Eggs will be a treat as well!! 

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