Reader: While barbecue trucks take to the streets, hit the road for real BBQ

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N.Z's Smokin' Guns is on a roll.
With Civic Center Eats rolling into Civic Center today for a new summer season, and trucks tooling around other parts of town, Denverites will get to test some new mobile barbecue, including Bubby's BBQ and N.Z's Smokin' Guns, which will hit Civic Center Park Thursday.

Still, the responses to our list of "Denver's five best BBQ joints" could inspire you to hit the road for real barbecue, which is tough to find in this town,

Fortunately, UncleDave8 has provided a list of the best 'cue out there:

Well, since Westword lifted my comment to stir the pot on BBQ, here are my choices for some of the best Q in the US of A. I don't mean to be unkind to Denver purveyors, but if one of these moves to Denver, you're toast.

Texas - Luling City Market, BBQ of Lockhart (Kruez's), Salt Lick (Austin)

Carolina Style - Lexington BBQ (my personal favorite because I like vinegar-based sauces)

Memphis - Payne's, Germantown Commissary, Cozy Corner

Kansas City - Arthur Bryant's, Jack Stack BBQ

St. Louis - Pappy's Smokehouse, Iron Barley.

Just sayin', if you haven't eaten at places like this, it's no wonder you like Brother's.


My dad was a serious BBQ fiend, and not bad for an amateur smoker himself, but every vacation included a trip (or side trip) to some temple of Q. My advice, save your airline miles and skip what is passing for Q in Denver -- 'cause it ain't. Just my slow smoked opinion. I'm saving my calories for a road trip.

While Denver's BBQ trucks take to the streets, true barbecue lovers might want to hit the road.

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He maybe "whiny" but he is right. I used to say the same thing about snow on the east coast. Save your money and come out to Colorado. The same is true for really really good BBQ in Denver! Someday I will make it all better and open a small BBQ joint that deserves respect and have the passion. Til then, road trip.


Purists.  They're a drag on innovation and the very reason I stopped studying music in college.  Westword provides me, a resident of Denver, with a service: letting me know about the best options available to me, in Denver.  You choose to shit on that because your dad liked smoked meat too much?  Westword is not a travel blog, and shouldn't be.  

God knows I agree with you about brother's, and I'll take your word that the rest on your list are the best of the best, but you sound like someone whining that the french food in Denver isn't as good as it was in Nice, or the Italian as it was in Florence, or the Chinese in Hong Kong.  You probably also bitch and moan when someone invites you over for a bbq and is actually grilling.  Yes we know there's a difference, and no I won't throw a fit when someone offers me free food and calls it the wrong thing.  Thank you Westword for doing what you set out to do, telling me about the best food IN DENVER.

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