Biker Jim gets booted from his 16th Street Mall turf, thanks to the filming of a Wendy's commercial

The calls have been coming in fast and furious to Biker Jim's cell phone, with befuddled callers wanting to know why the hell his hot dog cart isn't parked curbside at its usual address on the corner of the 16th Street Mall and California Street. Here's your answer: A film crew that's erected a sandbox is shooting a Wendy's commercial in the same location -- and the crew bribed Jim to take a hike for the day. "Yep, they bought me out," quips Jim, "which is fine, because they were spraying sand all over the place, and they paid me a lot of money, plus it gives me time to get ready for tomorrow's Justice League of Street Food bash, so I'm happy."

Jim also took to his Facebook page to alert his groupies that he wouldn't be wrangling wieners today, al fresco style -- and to remind them that his brick-and-mortar, located at 2148 Larimer Street, is a fine joint to slam a beer:


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Corporate sellout! :P

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