Denver's five best hot dogs

Dogs at Mile High Vienna
Temperatures threaten to approach the triple digits as we prepare to celebrate our country's independence this weekend, which puts us smack into summer, the season of baseball, lazy patio nights and, of course, hot dogs, which we like to feast on as we wander the streets, tend the grill or root for the Rockies at Coors Field.

We know of a few good weiners around Denver. These are the five best:

Stephen Cummings
5. Old-Fashioned Italian Deli
Two generations of owners have manned the Old-Fashioned Italian Deli, a Littleton joint where you still have to pay your bill in cash. The Panzarellas were transplanted here from Buffalo, New York, and they brought their hot dog tradition with them: real Sahlen's sausages -- complete with twisted ends -- topped with Weber horseradish mustard, onions, sweet relish and pickles.

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4. Mustard's Last Stand
Mustard's boasts outposts in both Boulder and Denver, walk-up operations that turn out hot dogs, Polish sausages, burgers and veggie options of many different origins and varieties. The place does a proper Chicago dog, topping Vienna beef with mustard, tomato, relish, sport peppers and celery salt, and that's what we like to order. But if you're looking for a chili-and-cheese smothered weiner, Mustard's is a solid bet.

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3. Chicago
For two decades, Chicago has channeled the Windy City in the Mile High, serving up a veritable shrine to Chicago sports. The spot puts real Italian beef on Gonnalla rolls -- wet, of course -- and sells Fannie May candies, too, as well as an authentic Chicago dog: Vienna beef on a steamed poppy-seed roll with all of the proper accoutrements, down to celery salt and electric-green relish. Don't t add ketchup, or you'll risk the owner's wrath.

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Mustard's is a one-trick pony.  Beyond the chicago dog, the rest of the menu is mediocre at best.  Steve's Snapping Dogs is a surprise omission.  The Atlanta Dog is one of the best dishes in the city.


Frasca is glaringly missing from this list

Laura Shunk
Laura Shunk

I meant to make that very comment in your honor yesterday... but I forgot, and then you beat me to it.


I'm glad you have a sense of humor about it, I can't resist. 

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