Denver's five best street tacos

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Lori Midson
Tacos de trompa at Guadalajara Authentic Mexican Buffet.
We love a good taco here at Cafe Society, and we're willing to hit the pavement all over town to find a good one. While the streets of Denver are filled with street tacos, only a handful rise to the top.

Here are Denver's five best:

Mark Manger
5. La Villa Real

The pair of trucks that comprise the La Villa Real enterprise command a constant crowd of patrons, some of whom stop by twice daily for the gorditas, burritos and tortas. But many of the faithful frequent the old-school loncheras for the tacos, hot tortillas loaded with spicy carne asada, velvety cheek meat and spongey tripe, sprinkled with cilantro and onions, and then doused with salsa ladled from plastic bins.

Lori Midson
4. El Taco Veloz
We'll happily take any of the offerings at El Taco Veloz, a brightly hued spot on Federal Boulevard. But we eagerly go back for round after round of the tacos al pastor, made from pork sliced off a spit, sprinkled with nubs of pineapple and doused with fiery salsa.

Mark Manger
3. Taco Mex
This boxy red-and-white restaurant on East Colfax, which I review this week, serves up a vast menu of Mexican dishes -- menudo, chile rellenos and breakfast burritos. But the taco list is the star, a board that includes cheek, tongue, birria and spicy longaniza sausage as well as tacos al pastor, carved from an outdoor spit of roasted pork in the parking lot.

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Which location of El Taco Veloz do you prefer?  I thought there were two locations on Federal. 


What a difficult task given how many great taco joints there are in town. I'm not sure how you cannot include El Taco de Mexico in there. So good, so consistent. Also worthy of honorable mention are the adobada tacos at El Coyotito Numero Tres, and Tacos DF.

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